A great success for the Upper Austrian Padel Team Championships

Last weekend marked a historic milestone for padel sport in Upper Austria when the first Upper Austrian team championships took place.
Thanks to outstanding cooperation between the Padelzone (Ebensee and Gmunden), PadelZeit and Padelbase, various competitions were held at all three locations.

On Friday, April 12, the Youth Championships took place in Gmunden. One U18 and one U14 team from Padelbase Wels and one U18 and one U14 team from Ebensee competed against each other.
In the end, the team from Wels secured the title after an exciting competition.

On Saturday, the women’s championships were held simultaneously at Padelbase Wels and the men’s advanced championships at Padelzone Gmunden and Ebensee.
Four teams (1x Padelbase, 1x Padelzone Ebensee and 2x PadelZeit) competed for the women’s title. The PadelZeit ladies put in a strong performance and made it into the semi-finals with a narrow 2-1 victory over the Padelbase ladies. In a thrilling final against the ladies from Ebensee, they finally prevailed with a thrilling 2-1 victory and thus deservedly became Upper Austrian champions.

The weekend also promised top-class padel sport in the men’s advanced category, and the participants did not disappoint.
A total of 6 teams had registered for the tournament. These were divided into 2 groups of 3 teams each, with the best teams in each group qualifying for the final.

The final was played on the idyllic padel courts in Ebensee under perfect weather conditions, which provided a breathtaking backdrop for the decisive match.
Victory went to the men from Padelzone Altmünster, who prevailed against their friends from Ebensee. Third place on the podium went to the men from Padelbase Wels.

The padel weekend in Upper Austria was crowned on Sunday with the Men’s Expert Championships, which were held in Schörfling on the 6 beautiful courts of PadelZeit.
A total of 6 teams had also registered for this competition, each of which competed against each other in 2 groups of 3 teams.

The atmosphere was electric as the teams battled it out on the courts. In the end, PadelZeit 1 and the men from Padelzone Ebensee were the two best teams and met in the final.

In front of numerous spectators and favored by first-class weather, a thrilling final unfolded, which was won by the men of PadelZeit 1.

As a grand finale to the weekend, a barbecue was organized for all participants, which added to the already fantastic atmosphere and made the event an unforgettable experience.
Special thanks go to our main sponsor Head, who generously supported the Upper Austrian Championships by providing balls and advertising material.

With such success, padel sport in Upper Austria has a promising future and will undoubtedly continue to attract enthusiastic fans and players.
We are already looking forward to the next championships. Save the date: Fall 2024