Padelbase Buongiorno Tour 2024

Our“Buongiorno Tour” invites all early risers to enjoy a round of padel on Saturday morning and then reward themselves with a delicious Segafredo coffee and sweet treats. 

This tournament series consists of 6 stages:

April 06 – Padelbase Salzburg
June 01 – Padelbase Vienna OTC
June 22 – Padelbase Salzburg
August 10 – Padelbase Linz
August 24 – Padelbase Vienna OTC
September 28 – Padelbase Linz

09:00 – approx. 13:00

presented by Segafredo


Exclusively for players with max. 5000 points (per team at the time of registration) or max. 3 tournament wins (per player). Also applies to MIXED & LADIES starter tournaments.

Each pair has at least 4 sets! The tournament takes place from 8 couples! Depending on the number of pairings, the game is played in group or knockout systems!
The prizes for the winning couple and the finalists are 8 kg of coffee each ☕😋

Cancellations will be considered up to 24 hours before the start of the tournament! Otherwise the entry fee is due.

When changing partners, the “old team” must deregister (by e-mail to the e-mail address below) and the new pairing must re-register itself. If the tournament is already full, the team will be placed on the waiting list.

Entry deadline is always one day before the tournament starts at 12:00 noon.
Entry fee: € 20,00


After the end of the tournaments you can see the rankings here.

1.Celina Malugani520
1.Christian Speckmaier520
3.Alexander Duswald300
3.Felix Mitterböck300
3.Moritz Sommer300
3.Joachim Wawerda300
3.Bernhard Faltermeier300
3.Felix Kagerer300
3.Tobias Mathis300
3.Benedikt Niederecker300
11.Jakob Clement280
11.Christof Weindl280
13.Valerangelo Campanale260
13.Giulia Carmen Gentile260
15.Dominik Staller240
15.Christian Vogt240
15.Tobias Wuppinger240
15.Fabian Zöbl240
19.Andreas Muser230
19.Stefan Pulko230
19.Stefan Traub230
19.Marcel Zeilinger230

All information without guarantee


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