Padelbase Head Coach Marc is the first top coach in Upper Austria to complete the silver course of the Austrian Padel Union.

Hello Padel revolutionizes padel training in Austria with first silver course

A groundbreaking development in the Austrian padel world was achieved with the introduction of the Hello Padel Silver course. This course marks a significant change in padel education in the country and sets new standards for coach training.

So far, the bronze course has been an important milestone for aspiring padel coaches in Austria. But by offering the silver course for the first time, Hello Padel is going one step further and offering even more comprehensive training for padel enthusiasts. This course takes training to a new level and fills a gap in the market that was previously unaddressed.

The silver course not only focuses on technique, but also explores tactical aspects in depth. The coaches receive detailed training to improve both their own skills and to coach their protégés more effectively. The expertise of former U18 world champion and renowned top coach Mauri Andrini was called upon for this course.

Mauri Andrini, founder of Hello Padel and former top 100 player, has trained with padel legends such as Bela and Sanyo in Argentina during his own career. He used this impressive experience to train the coaches in all facets of padel sport. His presence in Vienna for the course was proof of his commitment and dedication to raising the level of padel training in Austria.

The graduates of the silver course are the first highly qualified padel coaches in Austria who will disseminate the knowledge they have learned in the various federal states. From Vienna and Lower Austria to Styria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol, the newly acquired knowledge will enrich the padel community throughout Austria.

With the Silver Course, Hello Padel has taken a pioneering initiative to improve the level of padel training in Austria and raise the sport to a higher level. The launch of this course underlines Hello Padel’s commitment to promoting and developing the sport of padel in the country.