01.12.2023 - 06.04.2024

Salzburg, Vienna and Wels

Take part and win the Team Cup Challenge Cup and other prizes in the final! 

2 divisions:

  • STARTER/ADVANCED: (APU designated as Advanced category)
  • ADVANCED/EXPERT: (APU referred to as Expert category)


  • Form your team (min. 6 players; no matter if friends, club, company etc.)
  • Choose your division
  • Your team plays in a group of 5 teams
  • A maximum of 10 teams per competition can register.
  • 1 game round per month, which must be arranged, scheduled and played independently at our location in Wels.
  • 1 game round consists of 3 doubles matches (pair 1, pair 2 and pair 3)
  • Please let Marc know the dates for court reservations and results.
  • Collect points & qualify for the Grande Finale
  • Grande Finale: Both semi-finals and finals (the best 2 teams per group are through) will take place on Saturday, April 6th in Wels/Salzburg.


  • Each team has 4 guaranteed rounds of play. The groups (depending on the number of participants) will be drawn and announced on Thursday 30.11.2023.
  • The group matches must be arranged and scheduled independently and, if possible, played once a month at our location.
  • Your team provides 3 pairs on each match day, which must be paired and seeded in advance
  • The game is played in 2 sets won with Golden Point, 3rd set Champions Tie-Break

Entry fee

Team entry fee €180,-

Transfer to account by 01.12.2023 at the latest

APB Padel Base GmbH
AT82 2032 0321 0059 4188
Purpose: Winter Teamcup Wels


The team captain signs in with his name. Please mention the name of the team in the comments.
We look forward to your registration for the Padelbase Winter Teamcup!

Contact: Marc Kluft,


APB Padelbase GmbH
Dragonerstr. 87
A-4600 Wels
+43 660 8332558